100 Things

100 Things about me….

1.      I get bored easily; there is a good chance I won’t make it to 100….

2.      I have blue eyes

3.      I love the ocean and water in general

4.      My family moved around a lot when I was a kid, we lived in 9 houses by the time I was 12, we stopped after that.

5.      Although I don’t think this had any detrimental effect, I would never move my kids around like that.

6.      I have had laser surgery on my eyes… it was like someone cleaned the world, everything became so clear and crisp.

7.      I have 2 tattoo’s and a tragas piercing (much to my older daughter’s disgust, my youngest daughter thinks it’s ‘cool as’)

8.      I had a belly button piercing (but took it out when I got pregnant)

9.      I used to be thin

10.  I love gadgets, computers and techno gear, no I mean in a really ‘love them, in an unholy way’ love them…I am an Apple girl and love ALL my iThings….

11.  My kids are my everything

12.  I feel incredibly lucky, we have health, a home we love, everything we need, good friends, we just have a good life… it’s not debt free, that would be a PERFECT life, but it’s a good life and one to be thankful for

13.  I love my camera (Nikon D7000…soooo cool)

14. I wish I had gone on to study Graphic Design at school, instead I don’t even remember anything like that even being mentioned!

15.  I love my 27″ iMac

16.  I love to read, novels, reference books, tutorial mags, design mags, house mags, never trashy mags…most of this I do on my iPad or iPhone…

17.  I am a night owl, I avoid going to bed, until I have stayed up beyond reason, then I ALWAYS regret it in the morning. I really think I should be a shift worker

18.  Despite being a night owl, when we go camping I can barely stay up after dark, it drives our friends crazy…. this makes me think that if I turned all the lights off in the house at night I would feel tired at a more reasonable hour when at home

19.  I love my job, but I love it more when I am creating something, like logos and letterheads and websites, but in my job it doesn’t happen too much, and I have the perfect hours

20.  The older I get, the less tolerant I am of petty crap

21.  I hate shopping, even clothes shopping. In fact I buy almost everything on line, so I can try it on in my own home and send it back if I don’t want it.

22.  I have 3 siblings, 1 brother and two sisters. We couldn’t be more different from each other. I have reconnected with one of my sisters in the last couple of years and I love her to bits, we have had a rough past, but I am glad we have moved on and formed a real sisterly relationship

23.  I cry at the drop of a hat. You name it, TV ads, when someone else is upset, movies and TV shows, reading books, even children’s books. I hate that I do it.

24.  I would love to be able to sing

25.  I truly believe that I will one day win the lotto, and I am genuinely surprised when I don’t, even though we don’t buy tickets very often LOL

26.  I love being all cosy inside when it’s wet, windy and raining outside

27.  I was born on Christmas Day

28.  My name is Leanne, my family still call me that, but everyone else calls me Lee… I much prefer Lee

29.  My three all time favourite TV shows are West Wing, The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, sadly they have all finished…

30.  My current favourite TV show is Boardwalk Empire…

31.  I am only 5’2″ and I hate it!

32.  My girls both have bigger feet than me, they have since they were 8 years old

33.  I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t like anything that is coffee flavoured

34.  I don’t like cheese, or milk, but I LOVE cream

35.  As a treat I will have cream on my breakfast cereal…. It’s a weird family tradition

36.  I prefer savoury to sweet

37.  I am very proud of both of my girls, they are smart, funny, intelligent, well mannered, good people. And I believe they always will be.

38.  I am a very strict Mum, but I show endless love and affection to my kids as well, it seems to be a good balance

39.  I love playing cards, but don’t get to do it very often at the moment

40.  I can bend my elbows backwards

41.  I have dislocated my knee 4 times…. It really hurts

42.  I have never had a broken bone

43.  I can whistle several different ways, and VERY loudly

44.  My blood type is 0+

45.  I love learning new things and it always surprises me when people don’t want to learn something new

46.  I love reading manuals when I get new gadgets

47.  I have given birth twice, once naturally and once by Caesarean

48.  I utterly and unreservedly recommend a natural birth

49.  The spinal block didn’t work properly (see 47)

50.  I had my nose cauterised when I was about 13, I used to get blood noses all the time and often bumped my nose deliberately to get out of boring classes at school. It was really handy and I missed it when I couldn’t do it any more

51.  I desperately want my kids to travel the world when t­­­hey are older

52.  I desperately want my kids to never ever leave me when they are older

53.  My parents business partners were Dutch and I am told I was able to speak and understand Dutch when I was a toddler

54.  I was good at German in school and I think this is why.

55.  I preferred Maths over English at school but got good marks in both

56.  I have gone up two shoe sizes since I had kids

57.  I have small hands and feet (even though they got bigger) *see 56

58.  I had to wait until I was almost 40 before I travelled overseas and it was magical and I desperately want to go back to Europe again, especially London, Switzerland, Venice and of course Paris, but seeing anything again would be amazing

59.  I don’t have a favourite colour, well I do, but it changes daily

60.  My hair is fine and dead straight.

61.  I love Photoshop (well duh), I am learning Illustrator and Indesign, and I have to say Illustrator is coming a close second to PS at the moment…

62.  I love playing Blackjack at casinos

63.  I love betting on horses at the races

64.  Other than that I don’t really gamble

65.  I have very eclectic tastes in music

66.  I remember being incredibly confused as a child when people on the news would say “The IRA has claimed responsibility for the bombing” or “The PLO claimed responsibility for the assassination of…” I couldn’t understand why they didn’t just arrest those people…. It’s sad that I just accept that it’s ‘normal’ to hear that now and that people can commit these atrocities and get away with it…so sad…

67.  I love being at home

68.  I am a contactee not a contactor ie If you don’t call me, I won’t get around to calling you, not because I don’t want to see you, or don’t miss you, or don’t love you, I just don’t get around to it, no offence intended

69.  I love sitting in a car on a sunny but cold day, I love the feeling of cosiness, dulled sound, it’s almost cocoon like to me

70.  I am a binge drinker, if I am in the right setting I don’t know when to stop, this is rare but it does happen. I rarely drink at home unless we have friends here…

71.  I love going to the movies

72.  I used to pride myself on my memory, now I have a terrible memory, except for phone numbers, I am still pretty good with those

73.  I used to know the Periodic Table Of Elements off by heart… now I doubt I could remember 10 of them

74.  I prefer white chocolate

75.  If I am engrossed in something I often forget to eat

76.  I don’t like spiders, but it’s not really a phobia. Although I did once threaten to sell a car if my husband didn’t find the Huntsman that was in it. He found it, and I saw the proof. I really would have sold it. But it’s not a phobia.

77.  I had pre-eclampsia during my first pregnancy

78.  I am a swinging voter and believe that our politicians should be accountable if they lie or break promises. Naive, I know

79.  I never tell my husband or anyone who I will vote for or have voted for, I love that it drives him crazy

80.  I was married for 15 years before I changed my name on my drivers licence, I only got around to it because I needed a passport and everything else was in my married name

81.  I love sucking my hair after I have had a swim in the ocean

82.  I love the smell of rain especially after a really hot day

83.  Autumn is my favourite season

84.  I stare when I am tired

85.  I like to listen to really loud music, unfortunately no-one else in my family does. I take advantage when I am in the car alone or home alone.

86.  I have very straight teeth, but they are full of fillings. My dentist says it’s because I had lots of antibiotics as a child

87.  I am a good cook, but I rarely cook now days, that’s my husband domain, and my girls, they are great cooks and take after their dad.

88.  I work better under pressure

89.  When I was younger I drove too fast. I lost my licence several times, both for speeding and losing all my demerit points. I am now ashamed of this

90.  I used to have really neat hand writing, now I don’t

91.  I don’t think I had any cravings when I was pregnant, but my sense of smell became incredibly heightened

92.  I love to laugh and I laugh loud and with gusto

93.  When I get angry I get really angry, I once kicked a hole in a door in anger

94.  For some reason I don’t have any early childhood memories, I think my first memory is from kindergarten, so maybe age 4-5

95.  I love having my hair stroked and played with

96.  I love having my feet rubbed

97.  I want to get fit

98.  Getting fit is not likely as I am lazy and a complete computer geek, so I would rather spend time on that

99.  I think I would wear at least one black piece of clothing 320 days of the year

100.  When I was 13 my sister pierced the top (gristly bit) of my ear, and I pierced hers. It hurt like hell and it made me realise how many people touch you around the ears. I couldn’t sleep on that side for about a month.

101.                      This took me forever…..

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