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January 2006

by Lee on January 15, 2006

Ok this is my first blog post! Feeling a bit naked about putting my thoughts down for anyone to see but here goes….

This pic was taken on our recent holiday with my brand new Nikon D70s digital camera! I am so excited and love the pics it takes, I have lots of ideas running trough my head for shots to take with it, so stay tuned!

The photo above was only cropped and a VERY slight adjustment on the Levels in Photoshop, the one below is the same, that sky is completely untouched, I just moved the levels a cinch on that one too….
Anyway that’s it for today, off to try and clean up this pig sty, we have folded washing all over the house to put away after our camping trip and have to find a place to put all the girls new Christmas present! I can’t wait to move into our new house and have a bit of space at last…… feeling VERY claustrophobic at the moment……


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