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May 2006

Miserable and more…..

by Lee on May 28, 2006

Well I am feeling completely and utterly ILL! Grrrrrr I rarely get sick, but when I do, I really do! And, also, we had our opening crop at The Scrapping Garden today, which I mainly missed as friends called in right as it started! And they are NOT cyber people, so they just don’t get it! But I did make the next crop which was great fun and we had a lot of Aussie and NZ mac girls there! So thanks to those of you that came to support us, I really appreciate it, and had fun too! Made me forget I felt so crappy for a while! :)

Blah blah……
The other thing that upset me is that when I went to watch my tapes from during the week, including Prison Break and Lost, I managed to tape the wrong b#$%^y channel! Not once but TWICE!!!!!! oh man! Lost I am not concerned with as a special friend (thanks Sharon) has given me hers, but Prison Break, oh man, now that is NOT eye candy I wanna miss out on!!

But some good news! The girls lost netball again! LOL, But this week they got two goals! YAY So that now brings their average up to .833333 per game! LOL. They lost 4-2, so they are improving every week! It is so much fun watching them. They just love it and it doesn’t bother them at all that they lose, which is great!

I didn’t get much packing done today, but Brian did a bit, I am so glad that we have two weeks to move as I really don’t feel up to it at the moment. The only thing left to do now are the appliances, which I guess they leave last so they don’t get stolen, so tomorrow or Tuesday, the Stove, Oven, Dishwasher, Hot water service and Splash back go in, and that’s it! The window cleaners were there today (yes on a Sunday) and that has already made a big difference, they were just putrid, but the cleaners will come in tomorrow to really give it a good clean, like the tiles and floors etc. It’s very very dusty. Our house has transformed into our home :)

MAC Digi….
I was so pleased that a couple more girls met from our MAC digiscrapping group recently. I really feel like I have formed special bonds and life long friendships through this group and can’t wait to meet as well. If you want to see the work of these talented ladies, check out the blog links in my links section in the sidebar! They are amazing girls and I am proud to know them all.

Anyway, off to bed to try and get some sleep, which I am sure will be hard as I hate breathing through my mouth! LOL

Sleep well, and sweet dreams……. :)



by Lee on May 24, 2006

The Scrapping Garden…..
Well the forum is up and you can register! Please hop on over and do it, I’d love to see all my cyber buddies there! You can upload all your wonderful layouts to the gallery and get posting in the forum! Woohoo and check out my first ever kit (for sale) at the store!

Peaceful Moments…….
OK this is the other layout, promised yesterday (who knows what I will upload tomorrow???) It is very plain but I love it, I think it’s the pic that attracts me, I wanted to keep it simple so as not to take away from the photo.
Journaling reads.. I love watching you sleep, you seem to eminate peace and tranquility. You must dream the most wonderful dreams, because you always sleep so soundly. Getting to sleep is another thing entirely. I feel bad that you often lay in bed for hours waiting for sleep to come. I know how you feel baby, sleep never comes easily to me either, but I know you always make the most of it when it comes, as do I. Sweet dreams, my darling girl.
Of course she isn’t really asleep! Just finished a hard game of soccer on one of our camping trips! I think you will get a better view by clicking on it.

Days Of Miracle and Wonder…..
Oh I just couldn’t resist another play with this layout, whilst laying in bed last night I kept thinking that the kite wasn’t showing enough, so thought I would try this. I cut the kite out and enlarged it and placed it on the black background to make it feature more. I think I am finally happy now (although, I didn’t know I wasn’t, until last night LOL).

MAC Digi Girls….
I don’t want to hear any more negative comments about your blogging! I love your blogs and check all my links daily, for updates. Trust me mine is boring, you just haven’t cottoned on to that yet! LOL Miss M, I hope you are on the mend! Sue and Judy, so glad you guys got to meet and I can’t wait to get together with all you soon!.

I am off out to dinner tonight with work for my farewell! LOL Yes, I made them organise one for me despite the fact that I have only moved about 5 metres from where I was! Aaaahhh any excuse for a night out! LOL It’s not just for me, another staff member is moving back to Melbourne and is leaving to, so I intend to feel slightly seedy at work tomorrow! LOL

House Update…..
Our floors are in!! Woohoo. So I guess the carpet will be in tomorrowish, so that just leaves the Glass Backsplash, the oven, stovetop, dishwasher, and hot water service….. hmmm think that’s it, the list gets shorter everyday! I said to Brian last night I couldn’t beleive that everything would be done by next Thursday, but I think it will be! It only takes a day or two to do the carpets and the rest of the stuff should only take 1/2 a day! Oh man, constant butterflies!

Anyway, I gotta get changed for my farewell (LOL), so signing off and I’ll catch y’all tomorrow….maybe :)


Layout and advice….

by Lee on May 23, 2006

I’ve been on a roll and got a few layouts done over the weekend. I was trying to get some kits done, for the big SCRAPPING GARDEN opening, which is coming very soon! But kept wanting to try them! Anyway, I will just post one tonight so I can save the other for tomorrow, LOL, sad isn’t it?! Any way, I was never happy with the first layout I did with this pic, I rarely redo layouts, but I am soooo glad I did. Click on the image for a bigger version.

We had our last digiscrapping class tonight, which was a bit sad. It has been so much fun, and the group has been fabulous. We are all going out for dinner next week and then head off to one of the class members castle, for dessert. YES castle! He lives in one! If any of you guys are reading this, I just want to say that it has been an absolute pleasure and honour to have taught this class. Your layouts, talent and enthusiasm have been inspiring, and I have enjoyed every moment with you. You are all truly creative and have created beautiful memories for yourselves and your families forever, and I am ecstatic to have been a part of that. The Digiscrapping with Lee Yahoo group will remain active and I am always around to answer your questions. Like I said, I will try and make a date every couple of months, so that we can get together and be nerds with our laptops on our knees, answering questions, at my place, so stay tuned girls and boy!

My very good half European half Aussie (and a bit of CW thrown in too) Miss Angela, gave me a link to a hard driver cleaner the other day. Thought I’d give it a whirl and see how well it cleaned up my hard drive, and knock me down with a feather, it recovered 12 GIG, yes TWELVE gig of space!!!! Wooohooo, I was so happy, so thanks Miss A and here is the link for all you hard drive hungry nuts out there….. . I think the biggest problem was the temp files that Photoshop holds, which we all know are more than a little LARGE at times! Anyway, if you want to get some space back, go for it!

Went and looked at the house again tonight (surprise surprise), all the taps and showerheads etc are in and they have cleaned up in there too and we finally have toilets (which were christened LOL), oh and we also have a garage door too! I can’t believe that it will be ready by next Thursday, but we’ll see.

A HUGE thank you to Karen from MAC digi who made this tag for me and a few other of the very special MAC digi girls! Isn’t she lovely? And is it Karen clever? Very, I say! Thanks Karen!

Anyway, Miss M, you have spread your cyber germs and I have a very sore throat tonight, I don’t have time to be sick right now, so I hope it doesn’t develop into anything!

Good night all :)



by Lee on May 22, 2006

I have been busy working on a new kit today, but, as is always the case, I got distracted doing a layout. This one is very grungy and not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am pretty happy with the results. And, NO, I don’t love Quinn more! It’s just that all the ideas I have had for layouts are more suited to Quinn lately, but I have an idea forming for one on my precious Bronte Grace, which I will get to soon… unfortunately, while searching through my pics to find these two of Quinn, I found another of Quinn I’d like to use! Poor Bronte! Any way the journaling is hard to read on this so here it is….. (you should be able to click on the pic for a larger version)…..
INTENSITY…..Sometimes I am amazed at how intense you can be. Your intensity belies your years and shows a maturity and understanding beyond your age. i often wonder what you are thinking about, and would love to peek inside your mind, but it”s not to be, so I will just have to be satisfied with the intensity in your eyes.

I have spent most of the day listening to my cousins CD that he gave me the other day (see previous post for the CD cover which I designed). It is fantastic and I wish you could all hear it! I am so proud of him and sent him a text today which said, “I LOVE your CD, I am so proud to be your cousin and manager”. It has been a joke for a while that I am his manager, and that I am going to make him famous… his reply to my text was typically dry (we have a very similar sick sense of humour)”Thank you Colonel Tom” LOL, ah well at least I am amused! :)

Ring Tones…..
I was mucking around with the kids the other day on our mobile phones and found a voice recoreder on them, which I assume is to record messages, much like a dictophone. Anyway while Brian was out I realised that you can set the recordings as ringtones, so now when Brians mobile rings, it’s Bronte saying “Daddy answer your phone, Daddy answer your phone, Daddy answer your phone”, I am very attached to my ring tone “Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun) and didn’t want to give it up, but now when I get a text message, it is Quinn calling out “Mummy you’ve got a text message, Mummy you’ve got a text message”. Small things must amuse small minds, because we have been in hysterics over it! I called Brian today and he was in a business meeting, when he answered all I could hear was people laughing, not very business like, but cute nonetheless!

Miss M…..
I took the music thingy off for you, I must admit it was getting a bit repetitive! I am so good to you! How are you feeling by the way…. hugs!

Miss A…..
Oh you are a classic, I loved your comments, no matter how politically incorrect! ROFL! And thanks for your comments on my pics, I would love to improve my photography more and more, like I need another addiction, but I just find a good pic so satisfying….. btw loved your rainbow pic :)

I feel like there was something else I wanted to say, but I can’t remember what it was… I am sure it was yawn worthy though…..LOL……Signing off…..


Great pic….

by Lee on May 20, 2006

Check out the pic below!!! What a beauty, wish I could claim it but I can’t (surprise, surprise). I saw it on the digital camera mags site, click on the pic for the link! I love it!

Well netball was fun again today, we got our 3rd goal YAY!! LOL It’s the 5th game so we are averaging 0.6 goals per game!! And again, the only goal we scored was met with wild cheering, yelling and whistling! aaahhhhh at least we are good supportive parents! hehe

Went and had a look at the house again after netball, just can’t get enough! Pathetic isn’t it! LOL The garage door is on now and a lot of the external lights are on too, which I didn’t notice the other day! I get butterflies everytime I think about it!

So how do you like my new blinking banner and music thingy? Not sure about the music thingy, but I’ll leave it for a bit and see…..

Caught up with the BB news today as I missed it Monday and Tuesday, but of course taped it. Whoa, did the house go crazy when they found out about Mikey being the insider!!! Never heard so many beeps in all my life LOL, but the biggest shock was that they were going to announce another insider on Wednesday, and unless I missed something, that never happened, so maybe they are rethinking it as it has caused such an upset, which the producers admit they didn’t expect. Also watched the Amazing Race today (no we didn’t pack anything oooops) it was good to see them come to Australia again and I think a bit part of next week will be in good old Australia too.

Happy anniversary Judy and happy birthday to Miss M’s DH!

bye for now….


Going….. Going….. Gone…..

by Lee on May 19, 2006

Had a pretty quiet day today, but I did get a layout done. I used the same pic as I did for the one yesterday, just the perfect pic of Quinn really…. Anyway I did 3 different versions of this layout, one black, one white and the one below with a kind of pinkish tone… I think I like this one the best.

The journaling reads as follows :
“We have just come through a really trying time lately. Your moods have been like a teenager but you arenÂ?t one yet. You sometimes walk around like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, I have worried that something was wrong, that maybe you were being bullied or having a hard time at school, but recently your outlook has changed and you have reverted to the happy, fun, special girl I have always known and loved. I can only put this down to my new job and that we now get to spend more time at home as a family. You are such a home body, just like me and love quiet time where you can think clearly and be still. I think that I am also happier with a new challenge and my reactions to you and your moods are more measured. It is so good to have the real you back, to enjoy, and to love. I want you to know that I am always here for you, in whatever way you need. To talk, to sit with, to hug, or just to be your Mum.”

I have an idea forming in my head for a layout on Bronte, so we will see how we go with that!

Went to the movies today and saw a movie called “Proof” with Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins and Jake Gyllenhaal (yummy, boy!). It was very interesting, and I loved it, but it wouldn’t beeveryone’ss cup of tea!

Had my massage this morning which was lovely, but as expected I am a bit sore now, no pain, no gain!

GOING………Was scouring my pics this arvo and saw these, and thought I’d share! I think I may have mentioned at MACdigi in the past that we have done some kayaking when we go to the beach. I have a series of about 12 of these pics, but here are 3 that tell the story. This is John who is one of our camping buddies and friends, I hope these pics in some small way convey the buzz of the ride back in on the wave, it is so much fun and nerve racking at the same time…..


Off to the netball tomorrow, so stay tuned for that amazing recap tomorrow night, who knows, we may even get another goal this week! LOL

Things are hotting up on The Scrapping Garden front. Gallery and Forums are all set up and the store is up but needs to be loaded. I am getting butterflies when I think about it now. Better get designing some kits! How will I find the time????


Signing off…. catchya later

PS: Close your mouth and stop yawning Miss Angela, I can see your tonsils! LOL


Good news and a ramble….

by Lee on May 18, 2006

Well we have a date!!!! (To move into our house). Spoke to our project manager today and it is two weeks from today, which makes it the 1st of June! How exciting!!! We went and looked today and the mirrors have been put in the bathroom and ensuite and all the power points, light fitting and central heating vents have been put in and also the shower screens. So it is really just the flooring (wood) and carpets, the stove top, oven, dishwasher and rangehood in the kitchen as well as the glass splashback. I think that’s it! So that is our exciting news! YAY. Oh one other thing, before he gave me the news, he said “Before I give you the update, I just wanted to say that I love what you have done with tiling in the bathrooms, it looks fantastic”. I was so rapt to hear that, as I said to Brian he must see lots of lovely houses with budgets twice as much as ours so the fact he loved ours is really nice.

Had a lovely Mothers Day very quiet, but the perfect day for me, just spent quiet time with my family, which was great.

Monday night I had a fabulous night out at the Traveling Comedy Festival. There were 5 acts, 4 excellent, 1 so so. The best was Eddie Perfect who was hilarious and did a lot of his routine in song. He had an amazing singing voice and was very very funny. I went with 6 people from work and we laughed ourselves silly, I would pay to see it again.

I finally got another layout done, they are few and far between at the moment, but I loved getting lost in the process last night, hopefully my life will be a little less busy, once the move is over and the digiscrapping course I am teaching finishes up. I am sad that the course is finishing, it is so much fun, and the students are all great and seem to be having a good time, and all seem to love learning the techniques, but it is also a lot of work and constantly on my mind, always thinking about things I can show them, so it will be bitter-sweet when we finish next week. I hope to keep in touch with everyone and catch up with them too.
Anyway here is said layout… very simple but I think it’s ok……

This is the journaling….
You are such an amazing girl, with so many special qualities. You are sometimes selfish but mostly aware of other people. You are sometimes moody, but mostly happy. You are sometimes a bad sport but mostly fun. You are sometimes lazy but mostly enthusiastic. You are sometimes grumpy, but mostly a joy to be with. You are sometimes solitary but mostly friendly. You are sometimes self involved but mostly helpful You are always our special Angel.
I’m pretty happy with the two background layers (not sure they will show up that well here), I made them myself…..
I have a very good friend who had a birthday yesterday and she wasn’t too sure it was going to be a good day, but it turned out to be wonderful and I am so happy that she is feeling great about herself again! Happy Birthday Miss Maralyn…..
Oh I think there was something else, but I can’t remember what it is, I am also still loving my job, it is very busy but fun and I am slowly learning the ropes. My boss is great, and we get along well, the work is easy but as I become more confident I will begin to take on more responsibilty and training too.
I have four days off in a row, school has a day off so I have switched my work days (another great thing about the job), I sooooo love my days at home with the girls and really hope it is pouring with rain, so we can have a jammie day, and snuggle in! And maybe get a layout or two done too!
Off to have a therapeutic massage tomorrow, I am always very sore after them, but LOVE having them and feel so good afterward. And then off to see a movie called “Proof”, I don’t know anything about it, and that’s the way I like to go and see a movie, without any pre conceptions and previews. And I guess my weekend will be filled with packing (groan), although as we have only just got a date and we have to give 4 weeks notice here then I guess the move won’t be so bad as we will actually have two whole weeks to do it, so it won’t be so rushed! Oh and we won’t start moving in until Monday the 5th, as we are going to get the driveways concreted as soon as we take posession, so we will let them dry over that weekend, which happens to be the same weekend we take the kids off to see the Lion King….oh it’s all happening in the Scott household! LOL… anyway I might go to bed, I kinda feel like I am coming down with something, I am a bit achy, so might try to nip it in the bud, honestly, who has times to get sick these days….:) signing off…..


Nothing doing….

by Lee on May 13, 2006

Didn’t do too much today. Quinn had her 4th netball game today and they got another goal! Yay, but lost 6 – 1. You all would have loved my comment of the day, all the parents certainly wet themselves when I burst out with the following. All the kids are constantly bunching up and they seem to jump up and down on the spot with their hands in the air, waiting for the person who has the ball to see them. I was getting so frustrated and yelled out “Spread out, it’s not a bloody MOSH PIT”. LOL Well all the parents nearly wet themselves, and we are now thinking of getting T-shirts printed! LOL

Brian’s Mum came over to watch the netball, and then came back here for a Mother’s Day lunch afterward. But on the way home from the netball we stopped in at the new house. I get SOOOOO frustrated with that woman! Not one positive comment came out of her mouth. She just kept saying how big it was, and commenting, “oh that must have cost more, to do that” etc etc. She thinks it is too extravagant and can’t be pleased for us, despite the fact we have lived in a tiny house for 3 years, scrimping and saving for this moment! It’s like your life is worth less if you try to have the things you want! VERY FRUSTRATING! Anyway, lunch was OK and I selfishly must admit that I am happy she isn’t coming tomorrow, to frustrate me on MY Mothers Day!

I have had a splitting headache today, which I can’t seem to shake, so I am heading off to bed soon. Although I am feeling pretty pleased that I helped out a special cyber friend tonight and hope to get a layout or two done tomorrow. Since I feel almost every blog entry should have a picture, here is a “Crying” layout, which has been the topic of conversation at MACdigi today. I must say that this is absolutely NO comparison to the Divine Miss A’s amazing crying layout, but a crying layout, nonetheless.

That’s it from me, Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mum’s, Grandmother’s and Almost Grandmother’s (yes, you Judy).

Oh and Miss A, get a blog!


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