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July 2006


by Lee on July 31, 2006

Yay the Pickleberry Blog Fairy mentioned me! So so flattering! I have truly had so much fun over there and the talent is AMAZING, and a little intimidating, but also inspiring! So if you haven’t been there, check it out RIGHT NOW! Click here! PICKLEBERRYPOP

Well just got the result from BB in and I am so disappointed that Camilla didn’t win! She was amazing and so so wonderful to watch.

Well we had parent teacher day at school today. I am so so proud of my children, they are both very respected for both their work in class, but also the way they carry themselves as people. Their teachers were both full of praise and so very impressed with them. I do like to think, we as parents can take a little credit for that! Sometimes I can be very hard on them and I think I need to learn to lighten up. Even though they can be a little testing at home, I always know that they will do the right thing when we are not with them and I need to let go a little and acknowledge that. I just love them both so much.

We were supposed to go to the movies today, but it was so miserable outside, I coaxed the kids into getting some DVD’s instead since I pulled out of the movies, my cousin Suzy and Auntie Gill came over and while the kids watched some DVD’s we played cards all afternoon, while drinking tea and pigging out on chocolate…. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE MY LIFE! hehe Anyway I got a couple of pics of the kids today. When Jesamine and Connick come and play they are always so great together, in fact they play so well together it’s easy to forget they are here LOL, but of course they usually come looking for some food! ;)

Back to reality tomorrow though, to work, to work, to pay for this new home LOL!

OK, lastly, I have tried to upload this LO, last 3 entries, apparently blogger doesn’t like it, so here I go again….


Well two posts in one day! Wonders never cease!

OK Had a pretty busy day today, between popping in and out of Kate’s new site, PickleBerryPop (Pop on over, I had a ball and met lots of new friends who are all amazingly talented!) We managed to dress up our front portico. It was supposed to be a temporary measure until we could get some decking done, but I really loved how it turned out and I think we might leave it like this for the long haul. The decking tiles are from Freedom and we filled the area around them with Black River Pebbles. Anyway, we are pretty chuffed with the effect.

Also below is a pic of our new family room! I have been raving on about this rug for so long now, thought I’d better get a pic of it! When I saw this rug I knew that red would have to be the colour scheme, I am not usually a red person, but the richness and the texture, were screaming out “Lee, oick me, I will look beautiful in your new home” and I listened! LOL Now we just need to get some feature walls painted and some art on the walls to get rid of that sparse feeling!

I feel so lucky to be in our dream home, and while it is no where near finished, it already feels like home and like we have been here forever. We should have our window furnishings in the next few weeks and also we are having someone come in and excavate the mudpit that is our backyard and get rid of all the clay and put some REAL soil in! Then we can think about getting our lawns growing and take advantage of the amazingly sunny days we are having (mind you it’s pouring rain right now!)

Now, please note how I have taken the family room pic! LOL I tried to get a magazine feel with the blurry figure Bronte, who is strategicallu placed to hide all the power cords!!) LOL Ah well, at least I should get points for trying! hehe

Next are two of three layouts I have done this weekend (Yep it’s all or nothing with me LOL)

The first one, ‘Maddie and Lachie’, was done for a nifty little challenge at MAC digi, where every few weeks someone submits one pic and we all scrap it. It is such a delight to see the different styles and ideas that are in this group! I just love this challenge.

OK I was gonna post another layout, but Blogger is in a mood, so I guess it will have to wait until my next post!

I switched my day off to tomorrow as the girls have the day off for parent/teacher interviews, so we are off to the movies and then we may even have a Big Brother Finale party tomorrow night! LOL Oh I know it’s sad, but any excuse!

Go Camilla!


Layout, Congrats and perhaps a Bet….

by Lee on July 30, 2006

OK, well I actually got two layouts done last night, but since I don’t get as many done as I’d like, I will just post one at a time, coz it could be a long time between drinks!

The words in this one are from a speech given at a funeral in the movie, Four Weddings and a Funural. I had to change the words slightly, since they weren’t all appropriate.

The poem is by W.H. Auden

You are my North, my South, my East, my West.
My working week and my Sunday rest.
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song,
My love will last forever, forever is not too long.

You truly mean the world to me.

Any way, see left :)


Sending good Grand Opening Vibes to Kate and her team over at PickleBerryPop. I have had a lovely stroll around the site and it looks fantastic. But more importantly than that, everyone is so friendly and I can tell already it’s going to be a great place to hang out with new friends and old. I wish you girls all the best for today but more importantly, ongoing success at the site.


OK, Quinn had her 3rd last game of netball yesterday, and despite looking promising at half time with a score of 2 all, we still didn’t come away with a win! I am now thinking about running a book, on whether or not we will win a game before the end of the season, but I can’t afford the losses I’ll incur. Ah well, the girls aren’t bothered and despite their losses are playing with finesse and enthusiasm. Go gems!


We are putting some decking tiles on our front verandah today, so if it looks good I’ll post a pic tomorrow, if it doesn’t, you’ll have to come and visit to see how crappy it looks LOL.


If all that gets done today, Brian has promised to make me a backdrop stand for photo shoots. The lovely Angela, was telling me about her home studio, that she made with course notes from DSP. I had forgotten that I had done that course and never looked at the notes. So yesterday Brian went and bought all the piping I need for the stand and I bought myself a couple of 500wt halogen lamps (as per Miss A’s instructions.) I also bought a ridiculous amount of black polar fleece to use as a backdrop and a shower curtain (again, an idea from Angela) to use to diffuse the light from the lamps…. I don’t think I will get to play today, but maybe next weekend if I’m lucky. If none of this works, then I am paying for the supremely talented photography to come from New Zealand to teach me a thing or two… or to give up entirely!


My apologies….

by Lee on July 28, 2006

Oh man, I just read my last post! Could that have been anymore boring! I think not! Sorry!

That being said, I don’t have much to say right now either LOL!

Ummm let’s see, oh I went to the movies today with Suzy. We were a little disappointed as the movie we wanted to watch finished yesterday, so we went and saw The Lake House with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, which neither of us thought we would really like much. But we were both pleasantly surprised and really really enjoyed it. It won’t win an Oscar, but was interesting none-the-less.

Ok below is a pic of Bronte getting “Freak Tooth” out. She was very brave, but I think the dentist and her assistant were a little more concerned about the nutter Mum that had to photograph the event!

This is our darling, cute niece Kira! With her equally cute Dad, Garry. There is a layout in the previous post! Where I also raved about what a great kid she is! The next pic down is the 3 Scott cousins together!

Just a couple of pics around the house that I have taken! Nothing earth shattering, but hey it’s something to post! LOL Grrrr, blogger won’t take anymore pics…. I am at the point I might pay for a blog! blah blah blah!

Finally, Quinn has netball on Saturday, there are only 3 games to go and we have yet to win one! But it’s still cute anyway!

Have a great weekend everyone, I expect to spend a large part of Sunday at Kate’s new site! Very excited to make my new digiscrapping home a great Australian one!

Good luck to Kate and her team for the big opening and on going success!


Just life….

by Lee on July 23, 2006

OK, not sure I have that much to report! Last weekend was the dreaded “meeting” which turned out to be great. My boss failed to tell me that there are only 4 other CSO’s so the meeting was small and intimate and very very informative. I learned a lot and I’m so glad I went.

The whole family went down and we all stayed at the Novatel which was lovely. Originally we were going to go down on Saturday, but the girls had a sleepover at their cousins Friday night (8 kids….shiver….) and then we went for lunch the next day, which of course went to about 4pm so we decided not to leave until Sunday morning.

We went directly to Brian’s brothers house and saw Garry and Joanne’s just beautiful, gorgeous engaging little 1 year old. Unfortunately with the house building and my teaching and just life in general, we have hardly seen her, but hopefully that will change. Anyway, I took a million pics and did a layout on little Kira (Sorry, blogger is playing funny buggers, will post tomorrow, when lurgies are sorted!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We then headed off to the Novatel, expecting to have to pay to upgrade our room, as the bank was paying, but the room had two double beds, so there was no need. We had a lovely meal at the restaurant and a few drinks in the bar and then headed off for an early night. But two of the girls that were to be at the meeting the next morning buzzed me and we met for a few drinks in the bar, which was great.

As I headed off to work the next morning the girls and Brian made use of the hotel pool and then headed off to do a bit of shopping and site seeing and a trip on a tram etc.

All in all a great weekend, although I had an amazing headache, I assume, due to all the information I took in!

More to come soon……


by Lee on July 22, 2006

Live action Simpsons

You MUST MUST MUST check this out!
Soooo clever!


See previous post

by Lee on July 14, 2006

OK, that didn’t work, I’ll try adding a pic as an attachment this time…. Here goes nothing J




Blogger via email!

by Lee on July 14, 2006

OK this is kind of a test post; I discovered that you can post messages via email, which might come in very handy.


Anyway, I remembered something that I meant to say on my last post. I had Ruth and Sherryll from my Digital Scrapbooking Class come over the other night and we had a bit of a play, but mostly, of course we chatted. Shez bought over a bottle of champers some bitters and sugar cubes and we had champagne cocktails, which were lovely! In fact I could have kept going, but I came to my senses and remembered I work 4 days now! LOL


What a lucky girl I am to have had the opportunity to teach this class, I got to know some wonderful people and also to enjoy the company of a few I already knew.


Also a big thanks to Shez, for the lovely vase she gave me as a house warming present, I will take a pic and post it soon. It’s gorgeous, although extremely unnecessary!


OK, want to see if I can post a layout, via this email thingy, so here is a random one.


This was made with a kit, which I rarely do, but how could you not love Denise Docherty, she is divine!


Bye for now ….. J



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