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{ Freaky }

by Lee on December 9, 2006

OK, stop razzin’ me, I know it’s been a while! ;-)

This is just a quick random thought, oh and a layout…..
Where do my emails go, when they don’t go to our group??? Several emails have come through to MAC in the last couple of days which were sent by me on the 4th of November, my thoughts are they have been either:

* to an Email Conference
* to a support group for Emails that have lost their way
* drinking Pina Coladas on a South Pacific Island
* got mugged and it has taken this long to get through the red tape at the Email Police
* in a coma
* sitting in the Lost Email Department at Yahoo
* completely distracted from getting to their destination because they went past the Creighton’s abode and were distracted by the dreamy tones of Mr Hot Voice (aka Mad Mick) ;-)
* cracked the sads because it missed out on the MAC conference
* off having a fling with a hot little email, dressed in a tight, red font
* got dragged, unwittingly, into some email scam by an email from the wrong side of the tracks
* got dengi fever in Asia somewhere
* got stopped at email customs and was caught with 2 kg of marijuana in it’s surf board case
* got caught up in schoolies week and fell off a balcony
* got slipped some GHB in it’s drink and woke up on a beach in Surfers Paradise
* inadvertantly got on the same plane as the Primeminister and single handedly saved the day, Bruce Willis style, from a madman, and has since been recovering with the token blonde air hostess that helped save the day….

If you actually KNOW where my emails have been, please tell me!!!

Oh and I revamped this LO too….
Edited to add…Brushes by Anna Aspnes

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Lis 12.09.06 at 9:21 am



Angela 12.09.06 at 9:37 am

Oh you SO crack me up Lee!!
How about they started digiscrapping, joined a yahoo group bought a laptop and then couldn’t be bothered going anywhere?

PS if you get this twice blame blogger….grrr lost my first post.


fazzbech 12.09.06 at 9:34 pm

Looks like someone has taken their happy pills tonight?! LOL What a crack up!

Beautiful LO of the girls Lee!


Mick the Mad 12.09.06 at 10:39 pm

Ever hear of that bib email spy computer the Americans have? I think it is called Eschelon. It checks every email sent from anywhere in the world. Maybe it is interested in Digiscrapping.


miyon 12.10.06 at 5:52 am

Was wondering where you’ve been! Lovely LO. Your girls are so gorgeous and photogenic.


shezann 12.11.06 at 1:43 pm

You are a classic ! Gave me a laugh for the day !
The layout of the girls is one of my favs of yours, it’s spectacular, I can’t wait to see it framed and up next time I come over, it’s so gorgeous.


Jude 12.12.06 at 7:32 am

Well that brightened my day! You are very funny and witty. I’m with Angela on where they went LOL. Wonderful photos of the girls and love the LO.

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