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{ Dreams and more }

by Lee on February 4, 2007


Had lots of fun making this layout and have always loved that pic of Quinn, I really enjoyed experimenting and what I ended up with, it shows up a little bit light on the compressed version though. I used brushes by Hybrid-Genesis and a mesh brush by Denise Docherty.

Quote Reads: Dreams are Illustrations….from the book your soul is writing about you – Marsha Norman.

Yay I have my camera back!!!! Woohoo, it is perfectly alright with no sign of the muck that was all over the sensor, I am so lucky and feel very very relieved and thankful to have it back….life is good ;-) I took some pics at a pool party that we went to yesterday/last night but haven’t downloaded them yet, must get to that….

Went to the movies on Friday with my cousin and my auntie and saw Stranger Than Fiction, I wasn’t overly keen as I really don’t like Will Farrell, not that I have seen him in much, but the sort of movies he is in just aren’t my thing. Thankfully, the movies I had to choose from were narrow as I was time challenged and was going to struggle to get back in time to get the girls from school, so I was kinda forced to see this or nothing. Well what a FABULOUS movie it was, so refreshingly different, sweet, funny and sad all at once. It had some REALLY great actors in it and there was a real potential for Will Farrell to overact, but he didn’t, his performance was beautifully subtle and I think I can safely say, I am a convert. If you get a chance, go see it. Dave, my cousin thought it was the best movie he had seen in the last 5 years, I wasn’t quite there, but was very impressed nonetheless.
ROFL, I just read that back and I sound like I should be on The Movie Show with Margaret Pomerance! hehe!

Found these links over the last few days, this first one is via a blog link that Lis provided at MAC, not one of those links, but 1 I found via one of those links (boy that was a mouthful, not even sure I know what I mean LOL). Anyway I am addicted, it’s quite fascinating watching all these people tell a stranger about their lives. This man is from England and has decided to meet someone new every day for the next 30 years and ask them 3 questions check out Thirty Year I’d love to see what you think. It actually reminds me of a show that used to be on SBS a few years back where a guy would just stop people in the street and ask them about their lives. It was amazing how open and honest people were, the name escapes me now and I know it will annoy me for days…if you know the name please put me out of my misery ;-)

Next is a movie poster that was posted at Photoshop Top on the blog there, it is a really great effect on the poster and I am going to try and incorporate something similar in a layout (yeah, sure I am ;-) ). Anyway there is a thumbnail to the left of the poster, you can click for a larger view or go check out the blog.Also found these cute little camera bags on Donna Downey’s website, they are way to small for all my stuff but I thought they were cute anyway. Would be nice to have one for a day trip I guess where you only need 1 lens and no flash.

Anyway that’s it for me, hope you had a great weekend and if the pics are anything special I’ll come back and add them to this post!

OK So I’m back LOL. These three are my favs. First one is Quinn and then my Bronte Boo and the last is my ‘neice’ Harriet, how striking are those eyes!
And did you notice? There is not a spot on these pics….*sigh*…… thank you Mr Camera Fixer Man :)

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Lis 02.04.07 at 3:54 pm

Firstly…yay for the camera! Or should that be YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY…

Love all the layouts, as per usual 🙂

Glad those blog links found you some other interesting sites to see! I’m still working my way through some of the links…never enough time!

Donna has some cool stuff, hey!

Look forward to seeing what you come up with from that poster.


Angela 02.05.07 at 2:58 pm

Ditto to the Yay thing lol! I can only imagine how you must have felt with out it… lol, Wayne was saying yesterday to a friend that mine is my life support…lol, not sure if he was joking or not ;).
Glad that you liked the movie, and I’m loving all the reviews that you do.. lol, don’t get to see much myself, so I love living through you ;). TFS all the links too… have got all the windows open to have a look after commenting here (and all the other blogs that I have to catch up on!!), but that poster looks stunning, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with… which reminds me, I finally saw that Beatles cd cover thing that you scraplifted (well the text idea) and it looks fantastic…next on my list of attempted los lol.
ok… that’s enough of my rambling on your blog… lol, you’d think I didn’t have one of my own!
Oh and those photos are stunning Lee…. LOVE them 🙂


jane 02.06.07 at 4:17 am

wow lee!! i love your new look! my eyes just popped right off the page when i saw it! gorgeous job! So glad you got your camera back! i cant imagine being without mine!


fazzbech 02.06.07 at 7:13 am

Yay for getting the camera fixed, and good on your for surviving without it! LOL Those pics are gorgeous, I love the one of Quinn, she looks kinda cheeky 😉

That layout Lee is so dreamy and beautiful it just makes me feel so relaxed when I look at it – awesome work!


Mel 02.06.07 at 1:49 pm

that was me the last comment! Dont think I was signed in!


Mel 02.06.07 at 11:47 pm

Well yes that would have been confusing! First comment was along the lines of glad you have your camera back and love that layout, amazing!


miyon 02.08.07 at 3:40 am

I think you either love or hate Will Ferrell. I loved him in SNL and Anchorman. He can be overwhelming, though.

Glad you have your camera back!!

Totally cute camera bag!


katef 02.08.07 at 11:17 am

Ooh that LO is to die for.. something about rainbow colours always draws me in and there is just so much to look at in this!

Hey did your camera fixing cost much? I have dust spots on, I think, my lense but I am not game to attempt anything too heroic for fear of making it worse!


Anonymous 02.13.07 at 8:22 pm

I’m having trouble commenting on your blog, I will try again, 3rd time lucky !
Love the dreams layout, it’s so gorgeous and the poem is divine.
So rapt for you that you have your camera back and the damage wasn’t too bad, you (and Brian!!) must be so relieved.
I love your movie reviews, you are very inspiring getting to the cinema each week, something I say I’m going to do, but doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.

I love your links and that poster is out of this world, I loved reading everyone’s opinions on how it was done. Very interesting.
I’m sooo looking forward to your version.

The camera bag is very funky, would LOVE one !

The girls pics are beautiful, they are sooo pretty and photogenic, Harriet is beautiful too with magical eyes.

I so hope my comment will be okay this time !



Karen 02.19.07 at 7:19 pm

So happy your camera is back in your hot little hands, love those photos of the girls and their cousin and that layout is simply stunning!!! 🙂


Sharon 03.19.07 at 5:06 pm

Gorgeous layout Lee…but I think you a bit behind in your blogging, lol (says she who blogs about as regular as a solar eclipse!)


Angela 03.30.07 at 2:01 pm

UPDATE!!! rolflol.. just kidding I’m the worst for it… but I was good yesterday 😉


ksharonk 04.09.07 at 8:10 am

Just discovered your blog … what a beautiful place to visit, and what a beautiful layout at the top of the post … 🙂


The Crafty-Girl™ 04.25.07 at 12:35 pm

First of all…fabulous quote and beautiful digi layout; could definitely be a greeting card or poster!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your very kind words about my blog…i look forward to seeing more of you!!! YOU have a great site here…wonderful links and beautiful work! I look forward to visiting again…hugs, kelly

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