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{ It’s done! }

by Lee on April 22, 2008

OK, I finally think it’s done, after much ado, I present my new blog (and site)! I won’t be making any changes for a while now, AND I will be blogging regularly again, well, I’d better, since I have spent two weeks on this without a night to bed before 2am… several after 4am…. well, I will say, I am tenacious…Please leave me some love and tell me it wasn’t all for naught!

I do know that I have an issue with the header and centring, but when I fix it in Firefox it goes awry in Internet Explorer, so I am aware of it and will attempt to fix it soon!

Some bits….

~ Congratulations…

To my dear friend Megan, who recently achieved her dream of becoming a police officer, I am so proud of you hun, and I know you will be great!

Thanks to Kate, for mentioning my new blog and saying such sweet things about me, right back atchya Kate…. If you enjoy an amusing read head over there, she is wonderful at telling bits about her life in the most amusing manner. Check out a recent one called The Trouble with Double.

And just because I prefer posts with some sort of graphic here is a layout I did a month or so back, my usual, “Embrace The Whitespace” style, hmmm I should coin that phrase… when I looked at these photos I couldn’t get the song from the Milo Ad out of my head, so of course, what better way to get it out, than put it in a layout… so here ’tis…

Update on the Puerto Rico, last time we played, we had 3 games (they are getting quicker now), I won all 3! Very happy indeed.

Hugs to Odette, who recently broke her leg, we are thinking of you babe and hope you are feeling better soon.

Also went to a trivia night on Friday night, it was a fund raiser for the Make A Wish foundation, last year we won (yay) and this year we came second, which does make you wonder about the rumours that alcohol dulls the brain, since last year the end of the evening was quite, shall we say, blurry, and this time we were all, well, much less affected by our drinks, however we only came 2nd, but that, of course, is nothing to sneeze at! So we came home with lots of lovely prizes and knowledge that we are good at, ‘knowing useless stuff’.

Hmmm just noticed I seem to have an aversion to fullstops in this entry, I’ll try harder next time…. put it down to the late hour…

Oh and Lincoln Eddy, yes you, stop nit picking on my blog spelling/grammar/ errors, you’ve had some that I have opted to overlook, and besides, Judy likes the way I type PLease….

Which reminds me! Go and check out the lovely Judy’s blog, she is lucky enough to be travelling around France at the moment and has been updating her blog very regularly, with lots of pictures and wonderful entries about her time there…. go on, go now, leave her some love!

OK check back soon, I have plans to add some pages and stuff, maybe some freebies, some tweaks…. so many plans…..

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Gill 04.22.08 at 3:39 am

Hey Lee! Love the new place!! I’ll link it from my blog!! Can’t wait to see how this one grows! Catch you soon.


kate (11 comments.) 04.22.08 at 9:17 am

Oh lets start a mutual admiration society – oh hang on you already have! LOL
You know I don’t believe that the look won’t change – my new blog has been up for um… four months and I am desperate to change it! I am loving the look of your blog so might have to come steal some ideas when I get the chance!
I know what causes the header thing (stupid CSS is what) but I can’t quite remember how to fix it.. something to do with align tags from memory but surely someone smarter than me will help you out!


Link (8 comments.) 04.22.08 at 10:57 pm

Hey, there’s no formatting problems on the home computer. I’ll have to check on the laptop again and see how it looks.

‘Tis all looking rather swell I must say – not entirely the load of old bollocks I was expecting you to churn out.

If you’re planning on blogging more regularly from now – then I’ll consider that a challenge (damn, just I was starting to tail off).


Angela 04.23.08 at 10:15 am

Wow Lee, I’m impressed! love the new look and all those sleepless nights are well worth it. Personally I don’t know how you do it, I NEED my sleep :). Love those comment boxes too, very swish… oh and I think that I’ll get you to write me up a tut so I can do one too ;).. am off to check out that copyblog link too…


kristarella (2 comments.) 04.23.08 at 11:53 pm

Love the new theme! Nice work with it!

Have you tried auto margins or text-align:center for centring (wow the British spelling of that word looks weird!) the header? I know auto doesn’t always work in IE, although it should for most recent versions, text-align:center should, but I don’t know if you can apply that to the image itself, it might have to be inside a div with that style.


Lee (2 comments.) 04.24.08 at 8:55 am

Thanks Kristarella, I’ll go in and have a look and see if that works, I am not sure where I need to do that ***beginner alert***, but will have a hunt around and see what I can find…thanks for your help, it’s VERY appreciated! 🙂
PS You may be earing from me again!


Jen_A (21 comments.) 04.25.08 at 2:17 am

Looks great, Lee!! I have to ask….is that Bronte on the front cover of the June/July issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine?? It sure looks like her.


Jen_A (21 comments.) 04.25.08 at 2:37 am

Ok, just finished glancing through the on-line version on the magazine and it IS Bronte 🙂 I knew I recognized that great smile of hers as soon as I saw it 😉 Congrats on being featured on the front cover!!


fazzbech (9 comments.) 04.26.08 at 7:48 pm

Hey, hey, the new blog looks great, and it’s good to hear you’ll be blogging again my friend!

Congrats on making front cover, wow, that is awesome!!! You’re so talented woman!


sherryll 04.30.08 at 12:52 pm

congrats on this new blog, it’s simply amazing and those sleepless nights have certainly paid off, well done:)

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