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July 2008

{ Freebie Alert and PS Tip }

by Lee on July 27, 2008

The subscription offer is now closed, if you have subscribed and have not received your CD Calendar subscription gift, please leave a comment here or go to the Contact Me page and I’ll get right onto it! If you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, don’t despair, there will be ‘subscriber only’ give-aways coming soon.

Here is today’s freebie… 5 lucky commenters, chosen at random, will receive another kit, leave a comment and it could be you!


Blue Bayou

This gave me a laugh, I found The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator at… what a great idea! I am sure I may find some uses for it, being a blogger and lazy, it’s made for me…

PHOTOSHOP TIP #6, #7 and #8

OK two three short and sweet ones here….

Tip #6 ~ Control>J copies the current layer. Love this one, use it regularly…

Tip #7 ~ Shift>Control>Alt>N Creates a New Layer, bypassing the New Layer Dialogue box, which can be pesky…

Tip #8 ~ or if you want the New Layer dialogue box, just hit Control>Shift>N then you can name the layer, change the blend mode, change the Opacity and change the colour of the layer in the Layers Palette all at the same time, before you even touch the New Layer….

Anything you’d like to see in these tips? Well post a comment and ask!

Have a great day :-)


{ Mojo – less }

by Lee on July 20, 2008

Well it’s been one of those days,

no weeks,

actually months,

well, really, several months…

I’ve lost my mojo!

I can’t remember the last time I did a layout. I usually struggle getting layouts done while I am teaching, but I’m not at the moment, so that can’t be the reason… I usually figure that these things can’t be forced, if I patiently wait, my mojo usually returns, but it hasn’t so far. I am thinking I may need to try a few things to get it back.

I don’t usually look at digiscrapping galleries, so I may have to trawl around and check some out.

I don’t usually use kits either, I make almost everything myself, with the exception of most brushes, so maybe I need to do some shopping (good excuse! LOL).

Maybe I need to get some new photos to scrap… it’s winter here and I don’t seem to get the camera out as much as I’d like.

Maybe I need to leave Photoshop alone. I use it every day, making stuff (to give away here, usually), experimenting with photos and trying out new techniques that will be useful to my students. Maybe I should have a complete break and see if that helps, I am easily distracted at the moment. I open a picture to use in a layout and then get sidetracked, making a brush, or choosing the ‘perfect’ font, thinking of a catchy title, deciding on colours, then nothing gets done because I sweat the small stuff….

Any suggestions? What do you do when you lose your mojo?

Also wanted to thank everyone that took the time to leave a comment and thank me for the freebie last week. It’s nice to finally get to know a little about the lovely people that drop by here. Everyone should have a link to the comment freebie by now, but if you have missed out, just let me know. The comments will keep me motivated to continue doing my Photoshop Tips and of course more freebies. I will also be giving away random comment prizes… you just never know if your comment will be the one that wins!

Faux Photoshop Tip

For my Photoshop tip today, I am going to post some links to articles I have written for Several people that commented on the last post are new to Digital Scrapbooking, so hopefully these article will help some of the newbies out there.

What is Digital Scrapbooking? The Basics

What is Digital Scrapbooking? The Basics (Part 2)

What is Digital Scrapbooking? The Basics (Part 3)

Adjusting Photos/Layouts For The Web/Email

Crazy For Clipping

I also have a freebie to upload, but my trial version of Smart FTP ran out so I don’t have any way of uploading. Can anyone out there recommend an FTP client that is easy to use and cheap, or better yet free? Let me know :-)

Lastly, I received my copy of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine. In it appears the layout below. I love this photo of Bronte, I never thought they would use it the magazine as it is so plain and simple, but really who could resist those big beautiful brown eyes. I know I can’t! Word Art is by Anna Aspnes. No-one does word art better…. The photo was taken by me in her bedroom, against her freshly painted pink wall (colour chosen by Bronte). It made a lovely back drop.

Below is a set of three pictures that I framed and gave to my boss for his birthday of his three children. They did look great printed and I think he was pretty happy with them, all 3 of them have the most beautiful blue eyes. They are all gorgeous.


{ Freebie No 3 }

by Lee on July 11, 2008

As I said in my previous post, I am really interested to know who is visiting my blog, just wanting to know a little bit about you, how you found me, your blog or gallery address and whatever else you think is relevant. And as an incentive for ANOTHER FREEBIE, all those that leave comments will receive a mini kit called Afternoon Delight. My last freebie had over 200 downloads, so hopefully I will be giving away lots of this extra kit and finding more about you guys.

Now for the freebie, this is a kit called Come On Get Happy, bright colours are not what I usually use, so it was nice to make this kit and see where it took me… I hope you like it :-)

Click here to Download ~ [download#3#size]

See above for how to get ANOTHER freebie by leaving a comment

PHOTOSHOP TIP #4 (and #5)

OK this is a nice easy one, I’m sure most people know that hitting the letter “D” on the keyboard will get your foreground/background colours back to default. Very useful, particularly when using layer masks. The second tip is that by hitting the letter “X” on the keyboard, will switch between the foreground and background colours, again this can be very useful when using layer masks, easily switching between colours to mask areas out or back in, as the case may be. It’s also useful when try to add texture to backgrounds, switching between two colours and painting will add depth, particularly if you are using a textured, or grunge brush.


{ A Funny Thing Happened }

by Lee on July 10, 2008

A friend, workmate and student, Ruth, has just been to America for a 4 week holiday, upon her return she brought me a lovely little bracelet. It was a wonderful little surprise and I really love the bracelet. It was a very thoughtful thing to do. Thanks Ruthy.

Now, here is the reason for the title of this post. For about 5 days I was having problems with my computer, it would randomly go into hibernation / sleep mode. It usually happened when I was typing a lot, but it would seem to happen for no particular reason. Thankfully, I wasn’t losing any information or I would have been beside myself as I was busy writing another article for Aussie Scrapbooking. I thought I may have been hitting some shortcut key, afterall I am NOT the most graceful typist out there, in fact it’s fair to say I’m not EVEN a typist and anyway it didn’t make sense as it had never happened before. I did the usual Google searches trying to find out what would cause this, as usual, there was a plethora of information, but nothing that helped my situation. So, I started downloading and updating drivers, yes it was party time at my place… still to no avail… even tried emailing Microsoft, but Bill has just retired, so no luck there either…. It just wasn’t making any sense; it wouldn’t happen when I wasn’t using the computer only when I picked it up. If I was Photoshopping it didn’t seem to happen, it was definitely the typing (or whatever you could call it)…. Hmmm… then on Tuesday morning in the shower (no mental pictures please, it’s for your own safety), I had a brain wave, this is where all good brain waves happen, and for a great explanation of why great ideas occur in the shower you should go to Judy’s blog here. When I got home Tuesday night, I began my little experiment…. After a few hours of no random hibernation or sleep mode, my confidence was building, I was sure I had prevailed and solved the great hibernation puzzle. Late Tuesday night, I finally got the courage up to voice my suspicions to B (prior to this, my superstitious side was preventing me from mentioning it in case saying it somehow made it happen again, now I know I can’t be the only person that thinks this way…am I?).

The above two paragraphs are the beginning and end of this little ditty.


IMPOSSIBLE! I hear you say!

TRUE! I tell you!

HOW? I hear you say!

MAGNETS! I shout!

The lovely bracelet that Ruth gave me is one of the magnetic kinds. You don’t ‘do it up’, it just sticks to itself. So, once again, I Googled the effects that magnets have on computers, but everything I read said that magnets this weak wouldn’t affect your computer. WELL I BEG TO DIFFER. It’s been a week now, and I haven’t worn the bracelet whilst on the computer and it hasn’t happened again. And no it wasn’t the drivers etc that I downloaded, I did that all on the Friday night, including the appropriate restarting etc, it still happened for 3 days after I tried these fixes. It was the bracelet I say!!! Anyway, this may be a boring read, but maybe it will help someone out there when they encounter the random hibernation phenomenon!

OK… I know I’ve been promising another freebie, it is uploading as I type, and I will post the link when it’s done…. AND in an effort to get to know the people that are visiting my blog, there will be a BONUS FREEBIE… if you leave a comment on the Freebie post I will email another link to another FREEBIE mini kit… I just want to know a little about you, where you’re from, maybe a link to your blog or on-line gallery, how you found my blog, anything you might like to tell me, come on, be a sport, there were over 200 downloads of the previous freebie…. There are lots of visitors, I can see you all in my stats, but I don’t know anything about you, it’s a bit creepy knowing you are visiting me and I know nothing about you! LOL

OK it’s taking forever, could be tomorrow! I will also have Photoshop Tip #4 too….

Oh and lastly, thanks again to Kristarella, who, once again, solved a blog problem that I have had for a while now… Kristarella, you’re a legend (oh and this ISN’T a ‘creepy stalker’ thank you, just an everyday ‘I Love You in a web kind of way’ thank you LOL ;-P). Seriously, Kristarella is the ‘go to girl’ for code, and she is Australian too! She must be cool :-)

Stay tuned :-)


{ Thematic Photography }

by Lee on July 7, 2008

Here is my latest photo for the Thematic Photography challenge, which this week, is Sky. I braved the cold after work last Thursday and took my girls across the road so they could have a quick play with their netball and so I could get some stormy sky pics, it was FREEZING, I could barely feel my fingers when we got back and spent most of the time with my camera under my coat so it wouldn’t get wet, it started raining just as we got there….

Special thanks to Carmi for running the Thematic Photography challenge. I am really enjoying it.

Here are a few more sky pictures taken over the last 12 months…. this was taken at one of our favourite camping spots at Seaspray.

Again at Seaspray. I really like this one, it looks like a UFO is going to appear through that bright spot LOL.

This was taken at a place called the Railway Reserve, not far from us.

The next two were edited in Photoshop where I obviously bumped up the saturation quite a bit. Again this is Seaspray.

This one makes me sad, this is directly across the road from us, a beautiful view from our bedroom window. Despite the fact we are very close to the CBD in our town we had this wonderful rural outlook, and now all these trees are gone now, it is a disgrace that it was deemed necessary that they be removed. Now we can see the traffic on the other side, not a very nice view considering what we had before… disgusting really. Traralgon City should be ashamed that this was allowed to happen.

Rant over.

Well, I haven’t been updating as much as I wanted to this last few weeks, I have lots of excuses, but none that would stand up in a court of law so I won’t bother. There will be no free download until Tuesday or Wednesday this week as I am back on dial-up speed at the moment as I went over my 10GB limit. I just don’t have the patience to wait 5 hours to upload something! So it will have to wait a few days, sorry!

Just a quick note to say that there has been another Thesis update, which is the design I use on my blog. And WOW, WOW, WOW, is all I can say is, it just gets better and better with more features added each time, but more importantly, an easy to use and customisable theme is made even EASIER to use! I just can’t recommend it enough and the quality of service, when there are questions, is also exceptional. You can read more about the new Thesis update here and all about my experience with it and more about my blog here. Thanks Chris, you are a legend!

Oh we had a HUGE Puerto Rico day on Saturday… 11 decadent hours of playing, eating, champagning and chatting. The children were wonderful, considering they got here at 12.30pm and we finished at 11.30pm… believe it or not we only played 4 games in the 11 hours, Suzy won 2, Clinton won 1 and Jen won 1. I thought we may have put Jen and Clinton off by having such a big day, but nooooo, Clinton called on Sunday morning to say they’d had a great time, but they had both slept badly as they were strategising all night LOL.

Check back soon, I will have another post later today :-)


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