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{ Aussie Scrapbooking }

by Lee on June 14, 2008

My first article has been posted at Aussie Scrapbooking! You can check it out here. If you have any ideas for articles or posts that you would like to see let me know here and I’ll do my very best to accommodate.

Also congratulations to Kate for her new Digiscrapping Design Blog at LazyCow Designs (great name!), head over and check it out, she even has a great freebie there too!

Speaking of Kate, she has some beautiful pictures of one of her daughters dancing on her blog this week, they reminded me of some I took of Quinn earlier in the year, I haven’t posted the layout I did with one of the pictures because I was never sure whether you could tell what it was, (it’s hard to be objective when I took the picture!). Anyway, you be the judge and see for yourself, is it just a blur, or can you see a little girl dancing away?

Twirl Girl

Lastly, I stumbled across these You Suck At Photoshop Video Tutorials on YouTube, at the risk of offending someone, I found these very amusing, and there were a few good tips in there too, if you don’t like, how shall we say, aggressive language, perhaps it’s best not to watch, they are very tongue in cheek, I hope you are not offended. Oh I am worried for you Angela! LOL

I am going to start adding some of my favourite Photoshop/Digiscrapping Tips/Shortcuts to most of my posts (I was going to say all, but don’t want box myself into a corner!), so watch out for more entries. Or better yet, if you have a question let me know :-)

I was supposed to go away with a couple of good friends this weekend for three nights of sloth and relaxation, unfortunately I managed to contract my second case of gastro in the last three weeks, along with Quinn. I still feel miserable and I’m still not over it, so if it doesn’t get better overnight I think I will be off to the doctors in the morning, I am a bit over feeling so queezy and off colour :-(

Also a big hi *waving madly* to some of my past students who I see have joined my mailing list, great to see you guys dropping in, don’t be shy! :-)

Oh and lastly, we spent a night in Melbourne last weekend with some dear friends, we took them to their first Aussie Rules Football match along with some other friends that hadn’t been in years, 6 adults + 6 kids = a great night had by all. And to end a lovely evening we finished it off with another big game of Puerto Rico AND we managed to purchase our own copy! Taught the girls how to play last Monday (Public Holiday), had two games, both of which Bronte won. Thanks to Mandy, Dave, Mallory and Odette for a wonderful weekend.


{ Timely Reminder }

by Lee on June 4, 2008

Save, save and then save again. I was working on a Speed Scrap (Quick Page) last night to give away on my blog, I was sooo happy with what I had, it was essentially done, I had so much fun playing and experimenting, trying different techniques, but I had to make one last teency weency change, move that frame 2 pixels to the left and



Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Not Happy Jan! Hadn’t even saved it once. Couldn’t remember what I had done as there was so much playing and changing. So I started all over….Anyway, it’s too late to upload the freebie tonight, but I’ll do it in the next day or two….here’s a screen shot.

As promised here is the site I mentioned on my last post, check it out, he really has some great cartoons on there, I spent a long time reading them, here’s another I liked.

Check out


{ For Sale }

by Lee on June 2, 2008

Well, I am swamped with other stuff for the moment, but I promised myself that if I started this site I would blog regularly, so here is an entry, if a very short and sweet one and one I doubt will result in a sale.

We are selling our Jayco Swan Campervan, we christened her Connie the Camper when we first got her about 6 years ago, I can’t really express how much fun we have had with her, the lifestyle with the kids is wonderful and camping is the only time everyone feels truly relaxed, but it’s time to say goodbye. We have recently purchased a caravan and intend to do some longer trips.

If you think you may be interested, you can check her out here.

And because I think every entry needs a picture/graphic here is one, I can’t remember the name of the site I found this at but a good many of the cartoons cracked me up, I do have it somewhere on my computer and will post a link in the next entry. There, it’s in writing now, so I have to!


{ Birthday Blues }

by Lee on May 15, 2008

Bronte has decided to change her birthday. She is sick of being the last birthday in our family, despite the fact hers ISN’T the last birthday in the family. Mine is. The new date is January 1st. Consider yourselves notified.


{ Freaky }

by Lee on December 9, 2006

OK, stop razzin’ me, I know it’s been a while! ;-)

This is just a quick random thought, oh and a layout…..
Where do my emails go, when they don’t go to our group??? Several emails have come through to MAC in the last couple of days which were sent by me on the 4th of November, my thoughts are they have been either:

* to an Email Conference
* to a support group for Emails that have lost their way
* drinking Pina Coladas on a South Pacific Island
* got mugged and it has taken this long to get through the red tape at the Email Police
* in a coma
* sitting in the Lost Email Department at Yahoo
* completely distracted from getting to their destination because they went past the Creighton’s abode and were distracted by the dreamy tones of Mr Hot Voice (aka Mad Mick) ;-)
* cracked the sads because it missed out on the MAC conference
* off having a fling with a hot little email, dressed in a tight, red font
* got dragged, unwittingly, into some email scam by an email from the wrong side of the tracks
* got dengi fever in Asia somewhere
* got stopped at email customs and was caught with 2 kg of marijuana in it’s surf board case
* got caught up in schoolies week and fell off a balcony
* got slipped some GHB in it’s drink and woke up on a beach in Surfers Paradise
* inadvertantly got on the same plane as the Primeminister and single handedly saved the day, Bruce Willis style, from a madman, and has since been recovering with the token blonde air hostess that helped save the day….

If you actually KNOW where my emails have been, please tell me!!!

Oh and I revamped this LO too….
Edited to add…Brushes by Anna Aspnes


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