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{ Fairies and more… }

by Lee on January 22, 2008


Fairy-Quinn2, originally uploaded by leequebee.

I did this of Quinn back in November I think, maybe earlier. I took the picture back in April for her birthday party invitations, she was just sitting on the floor and I think she was about to flick her head back, anyway, I loved the unusual shot and wanted to use it, it only took me 6 months to get around to it! I am not sure what you’d call it, not really a layout…. any ideas?

As you can see I am once again waking from my blog hibernation, but for how long, I do not know, I did half heartedly make “blog more’ a New Years resolution (along with the usual stuff), but we’ll see…doesn’t everyone break their resolutions by February?

I have had a fabulous Christmas break and have got to spend lots of time with the girls. We had a lovely 8 day trip to the magnificent Bright, but it was SO HOT there… we didn’t have one day under 34, most were around 38-39 and two were 41 degrees… thankfully we camped on a creek, which meant hours of fun for the kids and also that we were able to move our chairs in and dangle our feet while we ate, read, chatted away… Some people had tables in the creek and I also saw a guy with a table and chair working away on his laptop…I’m assuming he was working and if he was, it is definatley great working conditions! Pictures of Bright will follow soon….

Ummm….what else…. I listened to lots of Audible Books while I was away, they are great to walk to and when it was really hot, laying down and dozing too, my favourites were 3 books by Chris Grabenstein, just simple detective stories, kind of modern day Agatha Christie, not great works of literature, but very enjoyable, they are called Tilt-A-Whirl, Mad Mouse and Whack-A-Mole, head over to if you like audible books….

OK surely you must be bored by now so I’ll sign off…. oh before I do, I big hello to Clinton, Jen, Linus and Joey, Clinton, I heard a rumour that you check my blog occassionally… so hello! ;-)

While I was away I thought of a million things I could put on my blog, but my brain has deserted me, so bye for now :-)


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