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{ Blissful Sounds }

by Lee on October 13, 2006

In the mornings, when I hover between being awake and asleep, I hear the most blissful sound on earth. Little feet running down our hallway, that turns to soft thudding sounds when they hit the carpet of our bedroom, then I get to feel little arms wrap around me and little hands that are quickly losing their childlike chubbiness, stroke my hand or face. I never know which of my angels it is until I open my eyes, and it doesn’t matter either.
Am I luckier than anyone else in the world?
I think, maybe, I am.


{ Electric Love }

by Lee on October 11, 2006

Funny thing happened at school drop off this morning…..

Almost every morning when I kiss Bronte goodbye we both get a shock from static electricity. This morning it was a big one and we were laughing about it. Then Quinn said “I know Mummy, I’m going to get a photo of you and Bronte kissing and then I’ll do a layout and I’ll put ‘Electric Love’ on it.”

LOL That cracked me up! She is thinking like a scrapper already, I hope she keeps up with it…. which reminds me I must get her layout off the other puter and post it!
Hope this made you smile.
Here are two pics I took last week when we were camping… I was experimenting with over exposing and playing with different settings on the camera, these are two of the results. I love them, just desaturated them in PS and this is what they turned out like.
Have a great night, and big hugs to Lis, all the MAC girls are thinking of you and we hope all went well.


{ Footy Fever }

by Lee on October 8, 2006


OK Here are some pics taken while we were camping. As you can see Footy Fever was rampant, with at least a couple of people having a kick, most of the time. First pic on the left is Bronte, in throws of sunscreening herself! Next is Odette, Mandy and Dave’s daughter keeping Bronte company, during said sunscreening :)


Here’s Quinn and Bronte showing off their skills, with a big drop punt from Quinn and a magnificent Mark Of The Day from Bronte! Bronte is absolutely footy mad at the moment and loves to have a kick, she proved her devotion with a fairly admirable attention span while the football was on (better than mine at least). Quinn has a soccer ball and leans more towards that, but still enjoyed a kick with the gang.


This is John, behaving a little too much like the Austar guy, taking marks over his daughter and crushing her in the process. Emily was only laid up for 2 days and with some chiroprachtic care was able to overcome her injuries and should make a full recovery. She should be OK by pre season. (Just kidding, of course)! Gotta love the look on Emily’s face in that top one. Classic!


Love the smile on Quinns face in this one, so thought I’d share too. I really must get some scrapping done, I have scrappers block at the moment, and need desperately to unblock!!!


This last one is just for Judy, she was pretty excited to hear we had French Doors in our bedroom, so I took this pic, whilst in bed one day, so I could show Judy what I look at when I wake up in the mornings, you can just see the corner of Brians bedside table, the pic isn’t the best, but you get the idea. Who would think that view is a 7 minute walk to the CBD! Gotta love it!

Have a great night :)


{ Big Days O Nothin’ }

by Lee on October 2, 2006

When we are camping, for some reason we are all very tired at the end of every day, despite the fact we don’t actually DO a great deal. We all sigh, sitting around the fire and say “Another Big Day O Nothin’ “. LOL

I always come back feeling so refreshed, happy and feeling lucky that we get to spend this special time with our families and close friends. We were pretty lucky with the weather although we did have one particularly windy day, other than that it was great. We had extra friends come over on the Saturday to spend GF day with us and we had our traditional hotdogs for lunch and then “The Big Roast” for dinner. “The Big Roast” is big, usually 3-4 peices of meat and copious amounts of yummy vegies. Suzy even managed to bake a cake for Bronte and Mandy who have birthdays today and tomorrow, it was very yummy, especially since it was baked at the last minute! And finally ended with marshmellows around the fire. Of course, as tradition dictates, we had perfect weather on Sunday we packed up LOL. oh well, better than rain. We unpacked in record time and were completely sorted by 6pm, we are getting good at the end bit! I didn’t take many pics but did get one or two good ones, which I’ll post soon.

After such a relaxing time, work was a big shock today, very very busy and just non stop, I didn’t get half as much done as I wanted too, but enjoyed it anyway. Especially when I got told we are getting a big reward soon! Yippeee, the dates are yet to be announced but I am hoping like mad I can make it! Fingers crossed.

Also it was Bronte’s birthday today, my baby turned 7! Oh even when she is 57 she will always be my baby! She got a little mini stereo for her birthday which she loved and then after school all her cousins came over for cake and a play, while all the adults chatted. Just lovely! I did take some pics of the blowing out the candles, but they are still on the camera and I’m too tired to get them off, so I’ll do it in the next day or two.

Lastly, I came back to the news that another two of our MAC girls met! Judy was in New Zealand visiting family and caught up with our resident Photography Guru, Karen. They had a lovely time and Judy commented that “it was like meeting a family member rather than just a friend!” How lovely. It’s not long until our get together and I can hardly wait to meet these great ladies. Sadly not all of us will be there this time, but we will all be together in spirit, and those not there won’t be forgotten.

Lastly I thought I would do my first “Imagination Prompt”

The question that came up was “What did we do before the internet”

My answer is “I have no idea!” LOL

Have a great night everyone!


{ Live and Learn }

by Lee on September 22, 2006

~Blog Bliss~

Well I battled blogger today and made a few (slight) changes to my blog template. Changed the font to my all time fave (I use it in my layouts more than any other). I put a bit of colour in my side panel. Both of those were easy enough. Then I wanted to indent my text a little in the side bar, after quite a while I figured that out too, it all moved across a bit, except the profile text, so I think I spent a good 90 minutes on that! LOL Well, I guess it’s a sense of accomplishment, I hate things like that beating me, so I’m glad I persisted!

~Photo Shoot~

Well I must say I was very chuffed with how the pics of Shez’s family turned out on Wednesday so I thought I’d have a go with my girls, using the white backdrop.

They didn’t turn out as good as Shez’s, a bit soft for some reason, even though I used the same lens. I only took about 25 shots and most were in raw because I couldn’t get the WB looking right. Raw is amazing, but I hate the post processing part. That being said, I was glad that I took them in raw and might have to overcome my post processing reluctance!

I just used natural light today, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered setting up the lights, plus the light was perfect, very overcast, and I used the rumpus room, which has three large windows on the East, North and West side, so I couldn’t be luckier!

Now off the technical side, look at my girls, I love that they are so opposite, not just in looks. Although they are actually quite similar their colouring makes it hard for some people to see.

I am sooo loving being at home with them at the moment, I miss it more than I realised. They are both complete angels too, both helping around the house and just being, well, great.

Yesterday morning Quinn was having a shower with me and Bronte came in to say that she had made Quinn’s bed and folded all her clothes that were on the floor!!!!! Will wonders never cease??? Anyway, during my less lucid moments, I dream that things will last like this forever, but I know it won’t, but I am lapping it up as much as I can LOL.

Just had a thought, it might be my relaxed and happy state that is helping with that…. food for thought…..

Have a GREAT night all……

Oh and Mr Supreme Being, I hope you are feeling OK and not in too much pain. And to my other friend…. more hugs…..


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