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{ Links Links and More Links }

by Lee on August 3, 2008

What is it that happens to my brain when I go to write a blog post? I have all these cool (well, what I think are cool) things to write about, and then bam, I open up my blog and it all goes out of my brain….

So, I think I’ll just ramble on a bit and maybe it will all come flooding back… (come on brain, that was a subliminal hint)…

OK, first, we finally got our hands on a Wii Fit! And it was worth the wait! It is so much fun and best of all it doesn’t feel like you are exercising. Perfect for this cold, cold winter and it is a great work out… I am not a huge fan of kids sitting on console games, but the Wii certainly has changed my thinking, if the kids have to be inside then I don’t mind them playing on the Wii Sport and the Wii Fit, it keeps the moving and having fun at the same time… I have spent nearly two hours on it today, and I am no where near sick of it yet… mind you my co-ordination is not the best on some of the aerobic exercises, but it is amusing LOL

Also, I had a complete change yesterday, I let my hairdresser attack me, I now have dark brown hair and a new blunt hair cut… I must say I don’t mind it at all, but after one wash it is already fading :-(. Julie my lovely hairdresser did warn me this would happen as it is dyed over blonde and will take a couple of times before it really ‘sticks’. I wonder if I’ll have less fun now that I am no longer blonde!
This is just taken by my webcam…sorry it’s pretty scary, no editing, double chin and all…

I was over at the lovely Karen’s Blog today (check it out she is an amazing photography and a beautiful person to boot) and she had this link on her blog, Days With My Father is a beautiful account of a sons love for his elderly father and the challenges that he faces. If you have ever wondered why you you scrap, go to this site. Our memories are precious things, both our memories and the memories we create of the people we scrap about. My favourite photos are the ones of the notes the father writes for himself, some beautifully poignant and wise, some tragically sad as he realises that his 98 year old mind is letting him down. While I cried all through this, the sense of love and hope is strong…. do yourself a favour… thanks Karen. I also love how the site is set out, move to the bottom of each picture to enter the next section… I’d love to know what you think.

This is turning into a bit of a ‘linkfest’ post… I am currently in awe of the art found here and here. Irene Suchocki has an amazing knack for beautiful photo manipulation, I wish I knew exactly how she acheives these effects. It looks like she uses a lensbaby on her camera, but the textures she choses finishes off her art beautifully… she even inspired me to have a go myself… here is my feeble attempt…


Obviously it doesn’t compare!

Since I am on a link binge, head on over to PickleBerryPop, they have had a site revamp and I must say it is looking very fresh, mind you I have always thought it looks great, but a change is as good as a holiday. It’s PBP’s 2nd birthday this month, there are lots of freebies and challenges going on at the moment, so head on over and have some fun!

What now? You guessed it, more links LOL…. Are you a digiscrapper? Do you like freebies? Well duh! Don’t we all! Check out both of these great sites. Digifree is run by an Australian, Maria from Sydney, but the free kits listed on the blog are from all over the world, there are some really great freebies there so check it out. Gingerscraps is run by Ginger and is another blog soley dedictaed to finding freebies and posting them all in one easy spot just for you! And me, and them… LOL Check them out and leave some love, they are both great resources…

More… these I found on Aussie Scrapbooking, which is a great link in itself, but they also have great links…man this is getting convoluted, are you confused yet?… I digress…. Aussiedares is a scrapping blog to get you motivated, a new scrapping dare is posted every month, a challenge for you to try something new and different… If you are looking for something to motivate you this might be it… Another blog to inspire scrapping, that was also mentioned at ASB is I Inspire Me, fabulous ideas on how to take inspiration from the every day things around you, plates, cushions, clothes, art, magazines, you name it… there are some great examples of how to use the things you see every day to make you pages…

This link is for the blossoming photographers amongst you, 3 videos on photography, I particularly like the first and last one.

For my last link(s), check out my sidebar, under Blog Food For The Soul, these are the blogs I visit regularly, there is so much talent and inspiration there, but most importantly they are just great people! Enjoy :-)

Here are the winners of the give-away from the last entry….

Kate F (7)

Nic (11)

Holly (3)

Karen (16)

Sheila (15)

Unfortunately Kate is on dial-up and can’t download from home, so she has opted out of the give-away, so I did another draw and

Ness (17) was the lucky girl! I have just found Ness’s blog, head over and check it out, it’s a blog after my own heart LOL I will be following it with intense interest. Thanks for dropping by Ness :-)

Below are screen shots of the draw I just did, just so everyone knows it’s above board!

I’ll get an email out to you all by the end of the week… I have, once again, gone over my monthly download limit so I am now on dial up speed (BLAH!), once I am back on REAL SPEED I will upload to my server and email the link to all the special girls above!

I really hope you enjoyed the links above, let me know if you did. There is so much good stuff out there on the web. If you have anything good to share let me know… because I don’t spend near enough time blog and site hopping! Hear the sarcasm? LOL

Just wanted to wish my good friend Lisa and her husband Richard, good luck on the impending birth of her 4th beautiful child, she is due in less than a week so it could happen any day now… I am thinking of you :-)

And to my friend Megan, who won’t be able to read this as she has just entered the Queensland Police Academy for her training… Good luck Meegs, I hope it’s not too painful!

No Photoshop Tip today, but check back soon, the next entry will have one, or two, or three….

I am off to write my next article for Aussie Scrapbooking, be sure and check it out when you can. Have a great day and leave me some love!


{ Test }

by Lee on July 3, 2007

This is a test blog entry.

Angela, I promise you will see a proper one soon! ;-)

(Here is where you would have seen my layout, however it wouldn’t let me upload, but check out Judy’s kits anyway, they are fabulous!)

If you visit my blog regularly, (then you must be bored), you’ll know I rarley use kits, but I couldn’t resist this one, made by one of the lovely MAC girls, Judy, of Jude’s Digital Scraps, go check out this and other gorgeous kits of hers Jude’s Digitalscraps . You won’t be disappointed.

Told you, just a test to see how some blog upload software works!

Look out for an update soon!


{ On A Roll or not? }

by Lee on December 22, 2006

Yep I think (fingers crossed, and everything else ;-) ) that I have broken my layouts drought! At least I hope so! Here are a few more I have done lately….

On “Magical” I used various brushes from Scrapartist, Anna Aspnes and Rhonna Farrer. On “Elvis” I used star brushes from Anna Aspnes. And on “Delight” the flower brush is by Rhonna Farrer. All 3 layouts are of Bronte. (Much to Quinn’s disgust).

It looks like we are not heading away now, the fires are just too bad both there and here. Our camping friends live in the bush on the edge of a National Park and they have had an arsonist lighting fires out near them, so they can’t take the chance. Also the place we go to, have put in place a no fire policy, which is completely understandable, but something we would miss terribly, no marshmellows, no camping! LOL Also we are on the edge of town and while I doubt we are under threat of fire, the embers are a worry.

Just wanted to spare a thought for all of the fire fighters, it has been more than a little uncomfortable for us here, so what they are living and working in everyday must be horrendous. I hope that due to the weather most will get to spend Christmas with their families now, but no doubt their job is not over yet. Stay safe.

We will still maybe do a few smaller trips, but I am going back to work a week earlier than I had planned and will save my holidays for Easter. Brian will now work between Christmas and New Year but will still take two weeks off, so we have a week together and then he will have a week with the girls. I am sorry to miss out on camping, but we have so many little (and big) jobs to get done around here, it will be nice to have some time to do them. I feel, at last I will have some time to breathe, it’s harder than I thought working 4 days, but as hard as it is I don’t think I’d go back. But I am still looking forward to getting a good rest in and catching up with some things that I love doing. ie DIGI SCRAPPING!!! ;)

I had a great end to the year at work, with a lovely gift from my boss and lots of appreciation, it’s nice to be appreciated, and I must sound like a broken record, but, I love my job!

Almost done on the present front, just one more present to make and that’s it, now for the wrapping….groan..

We are having Christmas lunch and dinner here on Monday, thankfully it is supposed to rain, I know most people don’t want rain on Christmas Day but we desperately need it, and while I don’t relish the thought of all of the kids not being able to go out and play, I’d rather the rain! (am I mad?).

On the house front, the deck still isn’t finished *sigh*. Looks like it won’t be done, but because of the weather we probably won’t be using it anyway. But we didn’t get all our living areas fitted with Roman blinds. We were going to wait until winter but decided to go ahead now, just waiting on the outside awnings for the west side of the house and the blinds for our ensuite. Our ensuite is set out like a feature and is very open to our bedroom which means it’s very light in here at 5am! Sorry we over looked them now! It wasn’t so bad in winter LOL. Anyway the blinds were ridiculously expensive but they are beautiul and I am glad we didn’t get the cheaper ones we almost ordered…what another couple of years on the mortgage???? Urrrgghhh!

Merry Christmas to every one, I hope all your wishes come true and that you have a wonderful day with your families and friends. Here is a small gift from me.

Christmas Mini Kit

Happy Christmas :)


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