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{ Timely Reminder }

by Lee on June 4, 2008

Save, save and then save again. I was working on a Speed Scrap (Quick Page) last night to give away on my blog, I was sooo happy with what I had, it was essentially done, I had so much fun playing and experimenting, trying different techniques, but I had to make one last teency weency change, move that frame 2 pixels to the left and



Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Not Happy Jan! Hadn’t even saved it once. Couldn’t remember what I had done as there was so much playing and changing. So I started all over….Anyway, it’s too late to upload the freebie tonight, but I’ll do it in the next day or two….here’s a screen shot.

As promised here is the site I mentioned on my last post, check it out, he really has some great cartoons on there, I spent a long time reading them, here’s another I liked.

Check out


{ Freaky }

by Lee on December 9, 2006

OK, stop razzin’ me, I know it’s been a while! ;-)

This is just a quick random thought, oh and a layout…..
Where do my emails go, when they don’t go to our group??? Several emails have come through to MAC in the last couple of days which were sent by me on the 4th of November, my thoughts are they have been either:

* to an Email Conference
* to a support group for Emails that have lost their way
* drinking Pina Coladas on a South Pacific Island
* got mugged and it has taken this long to get through the red tape at the Email Police
* in a coma
* sitting in the Lost Email Department at Yahoo
* completely distracted from getting to their destination because they went past the Creighton’s abode and were distracted by the dreamy tones of Mr Hot Voice (aka Mad Mick) ;-)
* cracked the sads because it missed out on the MAC conference
* off having a fling with a hot little email, dressed in a tight, red font
* got dragged, unwittingly, into some email scam by an email from the wrong side of the tracks
* got dengi fever in Asia somewhere
* got stopped at email customs and was caught with 2 kg of marijuana in it’s surf board case
* got caught up in schoolies week and fell off a balcony
* got slipped some GHB in it’s drink and woke up on a beach in Surfers Paradise
* inadvertantly got on the same plane as the Primeminister and single handedly saved the day, Bruce Willis style, from a madman, and has since been recovering with the token blonde air hostess that helped save the day….

If you actually KNOW where my emails have been, please tell me!!!

Oh and I revamped this LO too….
Edited to add…Brushes by Anna Aspnes


{ Random Ramble }

by Lee on October 12, 2006


Last night after school I was laying on my bed with my laptop on my knee talking on the phone to my cousin (who is a sister and best friend, all rolled into one). My kids call her their second auntie, because they think that’s right, since she is the Mum of their second cousins (a strange kind of sense in there). We were just chatting about a million different things and while we were talking Quinn came in and sat next to me on the bed to do her homework.

This morning she came in and asked me to sign it. She had to write a list of set words and then use some in sentences. (The underlined words are the words she had to use in sentences).

Her first sentence was “Our house was filled with happiness on Christmas day.” Nice, right?
This was the second sentence “Right now, at 4.50pm on Wednesday, Mum is on the phone with my second auntie, and from my opinion the situation sounds a bit boring”.
LOL, I didn’t think it was THAT boring, what a classic :)

Upon investigation, I found these other gem sentences, some of which I am not sure I want her teacher seeing!

“I heard Mum do a pop-off” (Not true)
“My Dad’s hopeless at doing hair” (True)
“At Seaspray, sometimes the wind is so strong, it’s blown me away almost” (Glad she clarified that with ‘almost’.
“Everybody should swallow their food” (good advice)
“I think it’s necessary to kiss Mum and Dad goodbye at school” (And hopefully enjoyable too)
“It’s easy to seperate a Bratz dolls body from a Bratz dolls head” (Bit serial killerish)
“I think there is an episode on The Simpson Halloween where Ned Flanders is the daredevil because Homer wanted to eat a donut” (What the? and do you think she means devil?”
“I like to cook marshmellows but I don’t like to eat them, so I give them to my cousin and they’re usually burnt!!!”
“My sister and I argue a lot, sometimes we get soap in our mouths!” (True and True)
“Some people are very thoughtful and write a story 5 pages long while other people take a while to write a story two pages long” (I have no idea what this means?)
“I am going to a sleepover at my cousins tonight and my Mum will tell us to behave” (Always)
“At Seaspray there are rainbows EVEN when it doesn’t rain!!!” (Freaky ;) )
“I don’t like it when people pause movies”
“I think you are the greatest teacher in the whole universe (I’m not just saying this for a sentence, I mean it YOU ARE!!!)” (Bit of a brown nose LOL, but I must agree)
“Years ago the Italians thought the Earth was square” (Should that read ‘flat’? LOL)
“When we go for walks in the mornings I like to hold cotton balls (so I can keep my hands warm)” (I was wondering myself….)
“Bronte Grace is a disgrace. (She wanted me to write it – didn’t you Bronte? Yes (Bronte)” (they don’t always argue…)

Well, I don’t know why, but they tickled my fancy!

Hope this made you smile and also {{{ hugs }}} to Kate, I’m thinking of you.


{ Electric Love }

by Lee on October 11, 2006

Funny thing happened at school drop off this morning…..

Almost every morning when I kiss Bronte goodbye we both get a shock from static electricity. This morning it was a big one and we were laughing about it. Then Quinn said “I know Mummy, I’m going to get a photo of you and Bronte kissing and then I’ll do a layout and I’ll put ‘Electric Love’ on it.”

LOL That cracked me up! She is thinking like a scrapper already, I hope she keeps up with it…. which reminds me I must get her layout off the other puter and post it!
Hope this made you smile.
Here are two pics I took last week when we were camping… I was experimenting with over exposing and playing with different settings on the camera, these are two of the results. I love them, just desaturated them in PS and this is what they turned out like.
Have a great night, and big hugs to Lis, all the MAC girls are thinking of you and we hope all went well.


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