Q & A…

Some questions you may have about my blog….

What is this blog about? Primarily my blog is about my family and the things that interest me as a person. I use it to inform my friends and family about what we have been doing, but I also use it to showcase my scrapbooking layouts and photos.

Where is it heading? I intend to expand on the uses of my blog in the future to also keep my students informed, and pass on valuable information to them in regards to my other love Photoshop. I am going to post anything that takes my fancy here, but especially things that relate to me as a person and the things that I enjoy as hobbies, namely Photoshop, Photography, Digital Scrapbooking,  electronics and gadgets that interest me. And due to a few requests I may even try and work out a way to teach some on line classes, but that’s a while down the track.

What WordPress theme did you use? I used a theme called Copyblogger by  Chris Pearson of Personified, there is a link in the side bar of my home page. I also had some help with some fine tuning of my header placement from Kristarella, it’s amazing that something so relatively small can do your head in when your almost there!

How easy was it to personalise a WordPress theme? I really struggled with it at the start, I don’t know enough about coding and what the differences are, but I didn’t have much trouble with my original blogger blog and customising that, WordPress looked so different to me until I found the Copyblogger theme, which is fully customisable, having said that, I think after playing around with it so much I would be able to customise most Wordpress themes now.

How do I know when you have updated? The short answer is check my blog everyday, I am planning to try and update very regularly so that your visits aren’t wasted, other than that there are too links in the sidebar on the front page of my blog, one is for an RSS feed which you can use to subscribe through your email client or various other methods, or you can subscribe via email so that you are emailed via Feedblitz when I update. You can check this article out, which explains how to subscribe to a feed.

Can I search your archives? Yes, that’s an easy one, in the sidebar you will see a search box, you can type whatever you are looking for in there and it will search all my blog entries and pages for what you are looking for. I also have a Tag Cloud in my sidebar which will show you what I blog about most, you can click on any of these tags and it will bring up all posts relating to that tag. There is also a Site-map which you can search through to find what you are looking for.

Are you open to suggestions about your blog? Absolutely! If you have anything you would like to see here, let me know, I am willing to look at anything. I am in the process of putting together some Photoshop Tutorials and Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials, so anything relating to these two topics is welcome for a suggestion.

If you have any more questions you would like to see here, please post a comment and I will attempt to answer them soon.

Thanks for visiting.


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